Abstract Landscape12×16 Mixed Media on Canvas

© Melissa Davies 2015


Olivia (1)A piece for baby Olivia’s nursery

20×20 mixed media on canvas


Bird Mixed Media 1 Birds Mixed Media 2


Matching Set

10×10 Mixed Media on canvas

Copyright 2015 Melissa Davies

Begin Again


10×10 mixed media on canvas

copyright 2015 Melissa Davies

Study in Blue

12x16 Mixed Media on Canvas  copyright 2014 Melissa Davies

16×12 Mixed Media on Canvas
Copyright 2014 Melissa Davies

Nature Study in Green and Yellow

I fell in love with this piece!  It was an experiment that worked out.  For the background, I used old book pages and a mix of pale umber and gold acrylic paint for texture.  The design is made of illustrations from various vintage books.  This would be a fun “i spy” piece to hang in a children’s room.  Can you spy the dinosaur??

Study in Green and Yellow

B & L


A wedding gift for Ben and Laura

Acrylic and vintage floral illustrations on canvas


Usually when I make a collage, I already know who I am making it for.  This was a fun project I did with no particular person in mind, but I knew that I wanted to do something a little geeky and masculine.  I ended up gifting it to a friend for her little boy’s room.  Glad it found a good home!

9×13 collage on canvas, 2014

Space Exploration

Wild & Pretty II


purple gem

11×14 Collage on Canvas Copyright 2014 Melissa Davies



Last June when I turned 29, I set a goal for myself to create 30 pieces of art before I turn 30.  If I include all of the art that I made for my wedding, then I definitely cleared my goal.  I think I’ll make this a tradition – 31 pieces of art by my next birthday.  :)



12×16 Acrylic on Canvas


I did this painting based off of an illustration out of the book Children’s Guide to Knowledge:  Wonders of Nature, Marvels of Science and Man (Parent’s Magazine Press, 1974).   The entire book is full of gorgeous illustrations of plants, animals, historical people and iconic places; a wonderful treasure that I was lucky enough to stumble across at a thrift store.


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